Of Macs and Men

So I animated a walk cycle, planning to use it as a base for a few style frames and test shots, and suddenly my workhorse computer Escher decided to eat my system drive and stop booting up completely. Again. Thankfully I performed a root user backup a couple of weeks ago so applications, email, all that's safe. However, I am most likely going to lose some important layers on a particularly large piece of concept art. Bollocks.

I love macs to death but these prevailing hardware issues are killing me. From what I understand second-gen G5's -the first of the "liquid cooled" generation of 04- are just quirky machines. Evidently Escher's quirks are occasionally dropping firewire bus recognition and transforming into an expensive paperweight once every 2 years.

Thankfully I have ole reliable here, a graphite G4 known lovingly as Bertha.


Pip √údomsak said...

Is Bertha an Intel based Mac? I have The Big Mac Girly and she is not intel based G4... just a clunky overweight kind of gal who studies real hard and does well on tests. Does not come in handy when pining for Netflix and everything else requiring an intel based Mac under the sun is ruled out 4evah. poo.

Jackhalfaprayer said...

Nope, G4's are all powerpc processors, as is my old G5. It is kinda sad that stuff is leaning intel instead of universal binary- yah, netflix on demand and the new Adobe CS4, new Maya, all require intel.

about 3 months ago on a whim I built my dream system and the total got to be around $20,000. anyways, I just need this compy to get me thru 2 more years. I think 6 years is a good lifespan for tech.