HDPro - Charleston 03/2012

Me @ work.  I'd love to be at the animation desk, but this shit is invigorating.


Mutwale behind-the-scenes Part 2

From when I was last able to animate on my film on a daily basis, which was in september 2011. Meantime, I did illustrate the comic in the last post. Otherwise, I am, in all honesty, exhausted and right now quite literally sick and tired.


Bloodless is here!

(visit website for full page)

The web-based graphic novel I've been working on for what seems like (and actually does add up to) a few years has launched. Updates every Thursday with a new page. Issue 1 is pretty great, and it'll only get better. It's sort of an ensemble fantasy action comic- not traditional sword and sorcery, mind you. No elves, dragons, that shite. It's a different take on a fantasy world and I hope people will like it. There are some interesting hints in the wiki if you are into that sort of thing. We try to avoid the orgy of exposition that usually comes along with such worldbuilding, so if you aren't sure what's going on the wiki is there for that too.

Visit bloodless.co if it sounds up your alley. Now that the issue is up and posted I can get back to my animated film, the status of which is somewhere between an unfinished masterpiece and an anecdote from Don Quixote.