Finishing Edit

Working on this finishing edit has been quite a learning experience. Technically it's my first feature (the first feature I worked on did not get entirely in-the-can,) so it's been a refreshing step up from shorts. You can really dig deep into character when you've got two hours (90 or so minutes in this case) and pacing and flow is definitely something I've been pushing.

It's Grant Skellenger's first feature and he's still learning boatloads of new things day by day. I've picked up some new lessons with him, having never attempted one of my own. But 4 years of hands-on school and plenty of industry experience means I had a few tips for him as well (Coverage! Coverage! Coverage!!!) so it's been a healthy back and forth. Both about getting this film to be its best and how to improve future outings.

Right now, in between yelling at Bill Plympton and Pat Smith on their joint blog for being down on story, or animators that place too much emphasis on story (wtf, inorite- as if 2D animation didn't have enough idiots in the sandbox. God forbid some intelligence, or some emotion or maturity swoop in and create something... *GASP* IMPORTANT...) I'm cutting a trailer for this beast. The teaser that Grant has already:

LOL- Sooo over-the-top. I've seen the film and this is pretty much a different tone than the whole thing. hahah jeez. Gotta love that music. Hardcore monk Latin chants have become the standard trailer music. Ubiquitous and... unnecessary. In any case my job now is to cut a full length theatrical trailer and that's whattam 'bout to do.

I look forward to getting this done and starting up my film like a marine looks forward to hugging his child and puttin' some loving on his wife when he comes home from battle. And yes, this feature edit has been a battle.