Sketchbook: Frames and Fisherman

A few frame studies of things that are working themselves out in thumbnails. It feels good to flesh out some stuff beyond contour-heavy thumbs.

Yeah, I still have a little ways to go with elephant anatomy. There's also this fisherman character I'm starting to get an idea of. He's the only human that holds any significance to the story in any individual sense so I need him to be emotive and charismatic without that over-the-top caricature that so often pops up in animation.

These could be cleaner but I have no access to a tablet right now.

A whole bloody new sequence has been added from some research my sister has come across. It'll be interesting to fit this into the timeline and see how it effects the pacing. Like all the good ones, this thing keeps getting bigger.


Udo Ăśmami said...

The ellies are beautiful! I love the one on the bottom where they are playing/fighting/mating. These are some of the best drawings you've done IMO.

Norman said...

Very sweet little sketches. You should keep practicing . Good luck .

Jackhalfaprayer said...

Danka, Norman! One day I will achieve the level of technical brilliance of the old masters.