A History of Violence

Almost finished with thumbs for the opening segment of Project M, which crams about 200 years of history into less than a minute. Basically the challenge is to explain the circumstances leading up to the Rwandan genocide simply and without post-colonial skew. I think I've got this wrapped up so that I can move on to locking down the meat of the film and getting some style frames done. The latter has been set back by this system drive malfunction, but I eagerly await the replacement. Did you know you can get an internal Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 1TB drive for just over a hundred bucks? Freakin' A data is cheap these days.

Meantime I've received a commission from an old friend to do a series of 9 small paintings and this will be a welcome return to traditional media, which never crashes or needs repair.


ADM said...

Uh, about the second sentence...


Jackhalfaprayer said...

Ah, I guess that doesn't make sense. Rwanda as a whole is unequivocally post-colonized. What I mean to say is that in trying to be objective on a topic involving this depth and history, the tendency is to unintentionally and unknowingly adopt a colonial viewpoint of the "native" or that which was before the colonization- through the post-colonial lense- in itself a blunder that my sister and I are aware of and have thus far avoided.