Taking the good with the good

Hey hey!  Yeah It's been...  /looks at watch...  8 months since I posted here but that's all right.  I am no longer running HD Pro Production (thank the gods) and I'm back working on an animated film that is exponentially better than being videographer, producer, editor, motion graphics designer, production coordinator, and studio manager, all for entry-level pay.  It was a bit much all around.  I expressed myself very well throughout the year, often played the sole creative lead tasked with keeping clients happy by providing tangible services, and along the way I gained a boatload of experience.  Overall, I did very well.  I made over 200 commercial and corporate spots for the auto industry, churches, a pill capsule factory, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Bilo Charities, wedding dress and prom houses, lawyers, and websites.  And this film I'm working on compared to even the best of those spots:  1000% more fun to watch, with 1.0X10^23 higher production values.

The bad news, is, of course, that there is one less person making local TV ads who knows not to peak audio above -12db.  So if there's a higher percentage of commercials that blast you awake at 5 am after falling asleep in front of the tube, that'd be the stock of which I am no longer a part.  Although I did leave a textedit file on the studio edit bay desktop in allcap 48 pt. font that said "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T PEAK AUDIO ABOVE -12DB."

There will definitely be a rant on working in advertising, and an HD Pro postmortem post in the coming weeks.  I have plenty to say.  But- later.

I'm nearly finished with a kickstarter campaign- it's going to rock.  This film has been growing since 2008 and it's still my golden child.  If the kickstarter doesn't work, I'll just start my own animation firm servicing web clients (I wish I could link to my last happy animation client...  still waiting on him to update his site.)  If that doesn't work, I'll just do manual labor and sell paintings and animate when I can.  Anything in the job market is better than being a slave to advertising slimeballs.

In other news, I'll be key grip on a SCAD student film shooting here in Greenville later this month.  I had been cast in the lead role, but the writer/producer decided he cast too young.  That worked out, as I am incredibly nervous about acting.  It's far more comfortable back behind the camera.  And honestly, one of the best places to be on a student film is the people who carry shit from place to place.  And they're shooting with a RED.  I have never seen one in action.

More about the kickstarter stuff very soon!  I can't stop using exclamation points!  It's exciting!

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