Modest Milestone III: Not-so-modest

Today brought shot 300. This thing is quite a beast- thankfully it should still clock in at under 20 minutes, which would be nice for the workload. For now, though, it'll be as long as it needs to be. Can always trim things down after the whole story is in place. Or not.

It's excruciating to hit road blocks/ little snags in the story that I hadn't anticipated. But it's wonderful to get past them. Now to get these boards finished... Looks like October may actually bring the animation. Fingers crossed.

I'm not one for pride but this is going to be quite a film! More soon. Next post will be a recap of everything to date, and hopefully the post after that, well- it should be a good one.


Ramez said...

Quite the awesomesauce indeed. COngrats on 300 on 9.9.09.
It'd be more impressive if you had 999 shots... just saying :D

Jackhalfaprayer said...

you're right, that would've been pretty 1337. tho I think if this film goes up to 999 shots I may never finish.

Boards went from "more finished than not" to "almost finished" today. Yes, these terms are all highly technical, I know. In layman's terms that means DEAR GOD PLZ LET PREPRODUCTION BE OVER SOON.