A wild kickstarter appears!

I've been researching the do's and don'ts of the kickstarter platform and it is, of course, a difficult thing to pull off.  So there's been some brainstorming about perks and some writing of a video that I will produce for the frontpage-  even an enlisting of one of those awesome voiceover guys that will do VO for a segment.  I was thinking of having him do a mock trailer but now I'm leaning towards something like having him VO a portion of an animator's day.  Totally dramatic and deep voice narrating mundane shit with a hardcore soundtrack.  Maybe some explosions.  Gods, I've been making car commercials for too long...

With perks- things like tees, one-sheets, framed drawings- comes some budget finagling to account for the added expenses. Then there's how to tier the fundraising.  Setting a lower goal is more realistic, but a higher one will benefit the project more.  Of course there is always the trend of going viral and raising some percentage more than your goal, but this is a challenge.  There's really no such thing as deliberately going viral, but I have some ideas for some quirks in the campaign that will make it unique and fun to talk about. That's a start.

I think I'm up for it, but it will take some time to put everything together.

A brief aside:  things like IndieGoGo and Rockethub are worth looking into, but most likely what you'll find is that the reach to people who will actually contribute to a stranger's campaign simply isn't there.

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