Bloodless Lauch Date

The graphic novel Bloodless has a launch date: March 29th. There are some last-minute pieces I need to squeeze in- one for the issue title page (not the cover) and one for the website. Hopefully I can get these together in time- but hell or high-water I want to get this thing out there and to start issue 2 in a timely fashion. I've been sitting on all 36 pages of issue 1 since January- frustrating, but it's been time spent on the website's art needs.

The production itself taught me a lot about using Illustrator, not least of which being I still think Illustrator's interface is a clunky, annoying mess. Maybe I should bump up to CS2 or 3 and see if it's any better. I'm guessing not, but anything to make production easier...

Bloodless will launch with pages 1-8 and update every Thursday. You can occasionally find news and secrets on twitter @Kirshom, and soon find a facebook page to like (and we hope you will.)

More soon.

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