Modest Milestone II & Moar Music

Greetings. The film is at over 220 shots which puts it at just over 13 minutes now. If I want to have any hopes of getting this finished in *ahem* my lifetime I need to get production in gear ASAP. Preproduction feels like purgatory sometimes. Still, it's looking good and I've got lots of support, support which seems to grow every day. So don't take these statements as any sort of complaint. I'm doing what I love and loving what I do.

There's another composition I'm considering using for some of the earlier segments, when M is just a wee bebbeh and things are somewhat wondrous in his new territory. I'll post it here but please keep in mind that it's a rough cut and may or may not be used - and if it is used, it will be polished.

This piece was played live in three layers using an Ensoniq FiZmO with a tweaked-out sinusoid preset, then recorded and edited together in Digidesign ProTools LE 7.4. It still has some kinks in the edit.


Ramez said...

YEE MAN. Just imagine those shots as tiny sandwiches. Every time you finish one, make yerself a small sandwich and gobble that motha down.
Your energy is kicking my ass into gear too. Granted I haven't started my film yet, but its the primordial in the cranium thats the most important right?..........right?

Jackhalfaprayer said...

Man u just made me hungry.


Glad I can be of service- now get your ass into higher gear and get that film going! Tomorrow is already here.