Storyboards Continue

Pushing on ahead with the boards. Everything is going well now that my system is back up, and I discovered a nifty little OSX clone tool that happens to be free/donation-ware. (Support it if it works.) I've been doing root user backups but I've really been dying to find something incremental. I've got a redundant clone going now so hopefully everything should be kept ship-shape if the worst strikes again. *knocks wood*

I'm currently on shot 57, which puts the film at 00:03:57:12 and it's looking to roll over into minute 4 any panel now. I'm still jumping between books 1 and 2 of the thumbnails- eager to hit that stride where everything progresses in an orderly fashion. If any part of production can indeed be described so.

And now I'm off to find myself in the strange position of scanning/taking macro photos of sugarcane stalks. Textures needed.


Üdo Ümami said...

Eh meh gehd. Your story boards are so cute I'm going to maul them to pieces!!!!! ::dives into elephant river and cuddles the memory hoarders:: xoxo <3 Üdos

Jackhalfaprayer said...

:D You haven't seen the half of it! ...The other half is pretty hardcore.

PS- plz don't maul my boards, I'm working very hard on them and would hate to have to start over :3