Sketchbook: Style Frames I and II

I'm working with style frames instead of an overall style guide as things progress, there's no reason to spend weeks putting together a briefing packet if you're flying solo for most of the production. When I do bring in additional hands it will be colorists and background artists who can work from color guides and rough layouts. The exception, though, is the sound designer. In that case I'll be doing a full cue sheet for sound to work from, something I've neglected to do with my films outside of schooling- and I've seen how the work can suffer from this oversight. Anyways. This post isn't about sound.

A style frame every so often throughout the boards should keep the palette/styles unified. There will be multiple techniques used throughout the piece so when I sit down to a scene I need to know at a glance how it will look and how it will move. Sometimes things get jumbled up in the old noggin' and the references can be invaluable. Of course animators/filmmakers know this already, I thought I'd mention it because... I wanted to.

So here's style frames I and II- these both come from the first 30 seconds of the film. There's earlier posts covering this sequence and hopefully these frames illustrate the stylistic choices I've been discussing. There'll be some animation tests soon but until then it's back to storyboards.


squishyware said...

As a 'layperson' unfamiliar with what goes on with making a film, I just wanted to communicate how satisfying/interesting I find your explanations (whether simply mentioned in passing or in the form of a rant) of how stuff gets coordinated, the dynamics at play with the different variables involved, organizing one's creative ideas, the relevance of certain good methodologies, etc.

I do get a kick out of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Style frames look delicious (not that I mean to eat them or anything). kthnxbye.

Jackhalfaprayer said...

thx squishy, it's always good to hear when people are interested. there's plenty more industry ranting on the way, but unfortunately production had a minor setback last week. more on that in a bit...